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Friday, September 28 2018
Thang Livingstone in Guwahati, India


The Lighthouse Church,                                                                                                                                                           Corsica, SD

Dear Kingdom’s Partner

We are extremely grateful for all what God has done and what God is doing in and through our lives this day. Thank you so much for being with us in prayer and support.  As the Church is being persecuted in all over the nation, we are more into fasting prayers in the past three months, asking the Lord for strategy on how to reach out to the people. One day The Lord gave us impression that whoever sits with us in fasting with prayer, deliverance will take place. After making known the vision, some family who has demonic and family problems invited us and we prayed with them with fasting and we shared the gospel with them and the Lord answered our humble prayers. This exactly happen with some family. They got deliverance from fear and sickness and they are growing in faith now as we visit from house to house to fellowship and for preaching the gospel. The Church is doing fine and so is the ministry outside the Church. Kindly pray for Mrs Chandani and Mrs Diksha who have expressed their willingness to accept Christ as their Savior and Lord of their lives. Brother Shainto  and uncle Bhim are helping me fully in the Church and in the ministry actively.

Finally, pray for protection and provisions of the upcoming ministries

1.       Youth Camp from  17-18 October in Guwahati

2.       Mission trip to Bomdila/Tawang, China Border from 23-27 October

3.       Mission ground work, Thailand from November 18 to December 6, 2018

4.       Pray for our new passports application from 1-31 October.                                                                                  

Thanks again for your valuable prayer and support.

In Christ’s Love and Mission,

Thang Livingstone and Family


A month in life of of a missionary

July 2018

Date Ministries Place

01.07.2018 Sunday worship Killing, Meghalaya

03.07.2018 Participating 2nd death anniversary (of Prakasham) prayer meeting Grace Home, Pillangkata

04.07.2018 Ninth Mile, DC, DTO Office Nongpoh, Meghalaya

06.07.2018 Fasting prayer At Church

07.07.2018 Mission Trip, Preachig, prayers visit, attended Ordination service of Christ public School Mendhi Pathar, North Garo Hills, Meghalaya

08.07.2018 Morning service at Killing Church, evening at Aimol Church attended Vacation Bible School last service Killing, Meghalaya/Pillangkata, Guwahahti

09.07.2018 Attended Landlord’s grandson birthday prayer meeting Grace Cottage/Guwahati

13.07.2018 Prayer visit with Ajir Family Pillangkata, Meghalaya

15.07.2018 Sunday Worship Killing. Meghalaya

16.07.2018 Went out to get driving Licence Nongpoh, Meghalaya

17.07.2018 Fasting prayer with Three Pastors At Home

17.07.2018 Prayer meeting at late afternoon Killing, Meghalaya

19.07.2018 Visit sister Preces family for thanksgiving prayer on getting a new auto vehicle Killing, Meghalaya

20.07.2018 North east Pastors meeting Nepalpara, Rowta, BTAD (Assam)

21.07.2018 Saturday evening Prayer meeting Uncle Bhim House

22.07.2018 Preached at Morning worship Killing Church, meghalaya

22.07.2018 Preached at Evening worship ABC, Guwahati

28.07.2018 Saturday evening prayer Bethel Home, Meghalaya

29.07.2018 Sunday worship Killing, Meghalaya

29.07.2018 Evening payer meeting with The Aimol Fellowship At our Home

30.07.2018 Fasting prayers for Thailand Mission At Home

31.07.2018 Fasting Prayers for August activities/Mission At Home

August 2018

Date Ministries Place

01.08.2018 The whole day spent in prayer and studying/hearing God’s message and later evening went out for a Visit and prayers (1) Bhim Family, (2) Ajir Family Guwahati/Pillangkata Meghalaya

04.08.2018 Preached at Saturday evening prayers @Cave of Adhulam, the Ds armies of David Pillangkata, Meghalaya

5-11.08.2018 Fasting prayers At Home

12.08.2018 Preaching at two fellowships Maikhuli/Killing. Meghalaya

15.08.2018 Small campaign Outside the city

18.08.2018 Saturday prayers meeting Bethel Home

20.09.2018 Home fellowship/discipleship At home

25.08.2018 Saturday prayer meeting Pillangkata, Meghalaya

29.08.2018 Special prayer for house sanctification as children are sick most of the time Bro Ajir House/ Pillangkata

31.08.2018 Fasting prayer at Home and visited two families afternoon for prayers Pillangkata/Meghalaya

September 2018

Date Ministries Place

01.09.2018 Saturday prayer meeting Pillangakata

02.09.2018 Sunday worship/preaching Killing/Meghalaya

05.09.2018 Two hours chain prayers for Guwahati city and the upcoming parliamentary election Aimol Baptist Church

07.09.2018 Fasting prayers at Main Church

07.09.2018 Gospel sharing house to house @ Chandani and Diksha Killing, Meghakaya

08.09.2018 Attended one day introduction seminar of Sustainable medical mission Pillangkata

08.09.2018 Prayer meeting at night 7 pm At Boragaon, Guwahati

13.09.2018 Family Fasting prayer for all needsand upcoming ministries At Home

14.09.2018 Fasting prayer with Ajir and Family for deliverance from sickness and demonic presence in their house KK Aimol Home

15.08.2018 Fasting prayer with bro Angam who lost his job last year or restoration and for a new job Stanly Appartments

16.09.2018 Sunday worship service Killing Church, Meghalaya

21.09.2018 Fasting prayers with Som and family At Killing some house

22.09.2018 Fasting prayer continue with our entire family with children for Thailand mission At our family

23.09.2018 Sunday worship morning At Killing

23.09.2018 Sunday worship evening At Aimol Baptist Church, Guwahati

28.09.2018 Fasting prayer with others local leaders Pillangkata, Meghalaya

29.09.2018 Sharing the word Bethel House Fellowship

30.09.2018 Tentative: The Lord’s supper Killing Church

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