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Meet Our Missionaries and Partners

Geoffrey Nganda

In 2010, Our brother and sister Pastor Geoffrey and Rose Nganda partnered with the Lighthouse in church planting in Nairobi, Kenya and Kisii, Kenya.  We have made three trips to Africa with a couple teams and were blessed to minister to thousanda of Africans.  They also ministered to us.  His desire is to plant healthy reproducing churches wherever the Lord leads. He presently mentors several young Pastors. Please pray for them that God would meet their needs as well as raise up laborers to assist in the work of the ministry. Please also pray for Pastor Titus whom we support through this ministry as well.  We also suooiort Pastor Titus of Kisi, Kenya.

Alex and Ahna Daum
Alex and Ahna Daum

The Todd Becker Foundation travels throughout the midwest and puts on an assembly presentation to public high schools, grades 9-12. The assembly unfolds the tragic and life-changing choices that ultimately led to the death of Todd Becker.

Seen by over 50,000 high school students in the Midwest, the story is told largely by Todd's older brother, Keith, and includes live music from the touring band "Chye", graphic images, videos and many other media elements.

Typically two separate assemblies are put on when the Todd Becker Foundation visits a local high school. The first is the afternoon assembly for grades 9-12, which is held during school hours. This assembly tells the tragic Todd Becker story and challenges students to take the narrow road, according to the scripture, Matthew 7:13. The major focus of this message is choices and their consequences.

That same evening, another separate assembly is put on where the touring band "Chye" puts on a concert and an entirely different story and message is presented. This evening event is largely a faith-based, Christian message.

Thangneisan Leivon
Thangneisan Leivon

In the year 2009 by the grace of God, Thangneisan Leivon became our National Partner for church planting in southern aisia. They moved from their home in to fulfill God's call on their life. He is a faithful servant and longs to see God bring his people to faith in Christ. This outreach includes mass distribution of Gospel literature, street witnessing, Bible studies, etc.. By the grace of God, He has seen the Lord raise up elders to have a truly Biblical model of church leadership. In addition more and more people are getting involved in the work of the ministry.. Please pray for Thangneisan Leivon and his family for continued provision, protection and favor.

In the year 2019, Rev, Leivon moved his family to Cambodia, South east Asia.  They have a heart for tribal people of Cambodia, Laos,Vietnam.  There are many tribes around 30 in this region who are unreached and almost totally illiterate.  They pray and plan and organize a mission trips as a team occasionally to reach out to them with some innovative programs.  The family shares the gospel of the kingdom while teaching Basic English.

Bishnu and Family
Missionary: Nepal- Bishnu has a heart to reach the 31 tribal people of Nepal yet to be reached. He works in remote areas in the mountains. Since our affiliation with Bishnu the Lord through their ministry has planted three churches and seen Pastors raised up to preach the word of God. They distributed approximately 120,000 Gospel's of John and Romans in 2012. Along with mass distribution and open air preaching he preaches the Gospel from village to village. In addition, he provides evangelism training to churches, works with Pastor’s in equipping, encouraging and holding them accountable.
Please pray for Bishnu and his family for provision, protection as well that God would raise up faithful ministers to help in the work.
Jesse and Jamie Boyd
Jesse has a specific call on his life as that of an evangelist. He goes wherever the Lord directs and has preached the Gospel in many countries. His desire is to equip and exhort the body of Christ to be bold witnesses for Jesus in these last days. He is often gone weeks and months at a time working with like minded Pastor’s helping them fulfill the great commission in there targeted areas.
Along with that he is involved in “Project Jagerna”, which is the production and distribution of the Gospel of John and Romans to the Nepali people in Nepal. In addition to that Jesse personally disciples other potential missionaries in helping them prepare for full time missionary work. One young man is Ricky Springer who has traveled with Jesse extensively as is now been commissioned to South Africa specifically evangelizing the Jewish people.
Please pray for Jesse and his family as well as Ricky as they continue to live by faith and spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Child Evangelism Fellowship
Child Evangelism Fellowship

CEF Press produces and distributes Bible and missionary lessons and related materials for use in teaching children to help accomplish the goals of the ministry

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