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Meet the Elders
Jordan Reimnitz
Jordan Reimnitz

Aaron Timmermans


Phone:  946-5141  


Testimony:  Hello, my name is Aaron Timmermans.  I would like to share a little about myself, and how Jesus Christ has transformed my life.  I grew up in the Corsica/New Hollland, SD area, where I still live today.  My whole life I went to church, attended a Christian School, and I even taught Sunday school before I knew who Jesus Christ was.  My teen-age years and early 20's showed, through my lifestyle, that I did not have the Holy Spirit living inside of me.  I lived a life of drunkeness, sexual immorality, and everything I did would benefit ME somehow.
BUT,.... Read I Corinthians 7:11,  Ephesians 2:4-10
The Spirit of God started drawing me (John 6:44), and by God's mercy and grace, He revealed Himself to me.  For the first time in my life, I knew I was seperated from a Holy God because of my sin.  I always believed the facts of Jesus' life, but for the first time I asked Him in my life.  This gift of salvation was the best gift I have and will ever recieve, and I did not deserve it.  Nobody deserves it, but thanks to Jesus who took our punishment and is our mediator, we can spend eternity with God our creator.
The person that was most instrumental, and the tool that God used to share the Gospel with me was my (now) wife, Renae.  She also has been through many things in her life.  I am not going to go into all the details right now, but maybe in a future blog.  When we first met, I did know she had something I did not, and lived an uncompromised lifestyle, something that was very new to me.  For my 25th birthday she bought me a study Bible, (she knew I needed it) so I started reading it.  I started in the New Testament in Matthew.  By the time I got to the 10th chapter when Jesus addressed the disciples, that is when I found the Jesus I did not know before.  He said things like, " I did not come to bring peace, but a sword."  He also said that if you did not acknowledge Him, he would not acknowledge you before His Father. 
My life then radically changed.  We got married in December of 2000.  We have 4 beautiful healthy children.  I now like to go on missions trips instead of weekend binges.  I look forward to Sunday worship instead of sleeping through church with a hangover.  I also would rather talk theology with my friends/brothers instead of telling filthy jokes and perversed language.

Scott Menning
Phone:  605-946-5618

Testimony:  Hello everyone my name is Scott Menning.  I grew up in Corsica, SD.  I was raised in a Christian family that went to church every week.  I went to Catechism every Wednesday night.  I thought I was fine with the Lord!  The problem with the church in my case was I went to please my parents and it became nothing more than a habit "something you just did."  I graduated from college in 1992.  Shortly after graduation my life was turned upside down with trials.  These trials lead me to alcohol abuse and an unforgiving heart.   In 1995 my folks asked me to come back to the family farm.  I knew I needed change so I thought this was the answer.  Little did I know you can move a thousand times but if the heart doesn't change your ways won't either.

In 1996 I met Audra who was also looking for change.  We started going to church together.  One year later we got married.  Up to this point I was living in unforgiveness and selfish ambitions.

After our first child was born we were at a baptism service when I realized that I couldn't raise a child in Christ when Jesus wasn't in my own heart.  Shortly after that service I cried out to the Lord.  That is when the Holy Spirit revealed my heart was full of unforgiveness and bitterness.  I also needed to ask for forgiveness for my many sins.

2 Cor. 5:17  Therefore, if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. 

I am a living testimony that there is new life through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  No man will be denied if he calls upon the Lord Jesus Christ and repents.  My question is for you then, are you looking for change?  Call upon the Lord Jesus Christ and He will turn your darkness into light.

The Lord has blessed me with my wife Audra, daughters Erika and Courtney, sons Clayton and Cordel.