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Monday, November 04 2019
BK Shrestha update

Dear praying friends and families

Thank you very much for your prayers. I couldn’t stop myself from sharing about an amazing open door!

Yesterday, as I left, I had prayed to the Lord that I wanted to share His glorious Gospel if He provides someone to ride with me. I drove about 20km and the Lord reminded me of some things I had forgotten to bring. So I decided to turn around and leave next early morning. So I left  at 4:45am today and drove to Butwal to have launch with a Brother. Right after I drove off after launch, I picked one man from the bus stop where he was waiting for a bus to go where I was going: Nepalgunj. I found out him to be a government officer in the health ministry and working in four districts in the mountains! We talked about one and half hour about the politics and society and business and families! Then he felt asleep for few minutes, but the worst highway kept waking him up!! Then I played a old hymn: Oh Lord create in me a heart for you! Then I told him that it was a hymn about our Creator and I was a Christian. Then he told me that he had a Bible and he likes to read it. He had been to a church 4-5 times without hearing true gospel. Then before the second hymn in the player completed we were in deep conversation about the Gospel. I started from sin and then the only remedy of it in Christ. He asked many questions and I answered for three continuous hours!!! He asked about baptism, Lord’s supper and tithes. I could clearly share the biblical gospel of Grace and the difference between the religions and the true Christianity! We do good works because we are saved, not to try to be saved like in the world religions. Jesus came to punish the sin, not to punish the sinners like in the religions. He came to punish the sin so the sinner can be justified by grace through faith. Oh, it was so good to share! He was so thankful for the Gospel. I told him that I was supposed to arrive yesterday, but God loved you so much that He turned me around yesterday, which I had never done before, and brought me to you at the right time. Then I asked him whether he evaluated himself with the God’s standard of righteousness while I was talking about the Ten Commandments. He told me that he did and realized how much he fell short of it! The Word indeed has the power to change the heart of man. At the end, he received Sacrifice tract and promised to read it. I challenged him to repent and trust in Jesus for his salvation before going to bed tonight, saying we might not see tomorrow and to be cleansed of our sins by the blood of Jesus is the only real wealth and the greatest success in life! Please pray for the soul of Shankar! His name means the main Hindu god shiva!!! What an open door to preach the Gospel to a government officer in the current situation of the country! God can do anything for His glory. To God alone be the glory!

We will head north to the mountains tomorrow morning! Please keep praying!

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