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Monday, December 31 2018

To keep things as simple as possible, I plan to update this post with information as it comes in.   This will keep us more organized & easier to find information to reference in future.  New items are bold.

The Pastor Search Committee created the CHURCH profile  and the IDEAL PASTOR profile


JON HAYASHI   -     Odessa WA              [Jon inquired in June 20, 2020 - we were in discussions w/Zach Ender at that time] 

  • married 27 years
  • 5 children
    • girl graduates Vanguard University Costa Mesa CA Dec 2021
    • son 2nd yr in Corban University in Salem OR
    • son will be freshman fall 21 yr in Oral Roberts in OK
    • girl - 11th grade
    • girl - 9th grade
    • homeschooled 
  • father-in-law declining in health, recently put in facility
  • mother-in-law recently had number of surgeries - lives a couple hrs from them
  • would like to be able to have hobby farm
    • current have 14 acres, but could get by with 5
    • raise goats, chickens, geese
    • garden
  • born/raised in Spokane - Japanese with some family in Hawaii
  • pastor at Heritage Church in Odessa (14 years)
  • biography
  • sermon samples
  • 6/11/2021 - sent pastor profile & additional questions
  • 7/3/2021 - I had sent an email the previous week to check in; he said he's not had much time to think/pray through the questions but plans to soon
  • 7/6/2021 - Answers to Additional Questions
  • Video Conference Meeting August 9th @ 5pm  
    • Started about 5:15, ended about 7:30.   
    • 8/10 - Day after video conference I emailed him to thank him for his time.   I told him we were very encouraged and that we fell he would be a good fit for us.   I told him in that email I would follow up with him again in a week.
    • 8/12 - He responded by asking if we're waiting on him before moving onto other candidates.   He also had some other followup questions about having a paid secretary for accountability during counseling sessions, healthcare in the area.
    • 8/12 - I told him he was our only candidate and the search committee is unanimous.   (I hope I didn't overstate this, but everyone was there the night we listened to his sermon, except for Larry and he has watched a couple since.)   I also gave him links to nursing homes/memory care facilities in the area and told him we could figure out something for accountability during counseling sessions, even if it's getting security cameras to record video.
    • 8/13 - He replied with this (I've copied his entire response and bolded the items we need to pray for):
      • We definitely feel like Lighthouse is on the radar. So where we are at in this process, then, is praying that the other pieces that need to fall into place, do so, including getting our house ready to sell and be sold. Partly as confirmation to us that God is moving us your way. Then there's the challenge of breaking the news to our church here, graciously. Honestly, that will be one of the greater challenges for us in this process.
      • Pray for answers for my in-law's situation. We feel like we will need to move them with us and are praying for a willingness from my mother-in-law. In the meantime, I will look into those links you gave me.
      • As I mentioned, I'm pretty tied up with current commitments (including 2 funerals) until the first week of October. We are talking about taking a week and a half off and traveling over there maybe the 2nd week of October to include the 2nd weekend in October. Is that something that would work into your schedules? It would only be my wife, my two younger daughters (Sarah and Anna) and I. The other 3 will be in college of course. I'm not sure if you'd want me to preach that weekend or not, but I'm willing to. We'll firm up our plans the closer we get to that time.
      • One other important piece is the salary package. We believe God will meet our needs, He always has, but we also want to make sure we think we can make it work financially. Of course, I would hope that you would be able to be comparable to what I make here, if not a tad better. I will send you my current salary package so we can compare soon.
      • Lord willing, and if everything comes together, we'll get to meet you all in person soon.
    • 8/13 - I replied that I would share specific prayer concerns with search committee, a mid-October visit would be very workable on our side, we would love to have him preach, and that I'll forward his current compensataion package once I receive it. 
    • 8/23 -  The board had a quick discussion yesterday and have agreed that Lighthouse Fellowship can at least match Jon's current salary.    Helping with moving costs and other details regarding his compensation will be discussed in person during his visit in October.
    • Jon is planning a dual purpose vacation - (visit & homeschool history field trip) second weekend in October
    •  Leave Odessa Tue/Wed (5th or 6th), be in Corsica Fri thru Mon (8th - 11th)
      • Larry & I are thinking they could stay here - their girls and Cora could get to know each other..?
    • Pray that God works out all the details for their move
      • Larry has gotten the OK for all the outdoor animals, but they have 2 cats that have not yet been approved.  Jon said the cats are non-negotiable.

8/23/2021   - Todd Stumbo has been removed.    Last week I explained that we had a candidate coming in October for a visit and Todd wouldn't hear much from us until after that visit.   Todd replied that he felt God calling him to stay where he's at right now.


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