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Monday, December 31 2018

To keep things as simple as possible, I plan to update this post with information as it comes in.   This will keep us more organized & easier to find information to reference in future.  New items are bold.

The Pastor Search Committee created the CHURCH profile  and the IDEAL PASTOR profile

Health Insurance option?   Christian Healthcare Ministries 


ZACH ENDER  Oak Hills Bible College.-  5/11/2020    [Sand Lake MN]   (8 hrs from Corsica SD)

  • Received email from Zach 5/11
    • I trust this email finds you well in these unusual times. I would like to know more about your church's pastoral search and overall situation if you could share. I will be happy to share more about myself, such as a resume, etc, and any list of questions you may have. I am a formally trained conservative, evangelical ordained pastor from an independent Bible church background. My wife and I have been serving at our current, very rural church in MN for about 10 years, my first official church. We have 4 children. Thank you for your time!
  • His current church website:     Sand Lake Alliance Church
  • Sermon samples on YouTube
  • 5/14/2020 - What led him to apply....
    • I appreciated your biblical character emphasis in qualifications, and John 14:6 on your website is my favorite verse
    • Carefully read our statement of faith & agrees
  • 5/15/2020  Resume       Family Picture          Testimony
  • 5/19/2020 - Sent Ideal Pastor profile & additional questions
  • 6/7/2020 - response to our additional questions
  • 7/8/2020 -  Search committee meeting - start 7pm
    • called Zach @ 8pm - 1 hr phone conversation [notes not typed up yet] 
    • Followup call for 7/15 with Zach @ 8pm again
  • 7/15/2020 -  Search committee meeting - start 7pm
    • called Zach @ 8pm - 1.5 hr phone conversation [notes not typed up yet] 
  • 7/17/2020 - emailed Zach about possible visit; obtain additional information
  • 7/20/2020 - Zach/Beth said they'd be open in August
  • 8/4/2020 - Zach injured knee; bed rest for another week.   
  • Visit POSTPONED (originally scheduled for 8/28-8/30)
  • Good report from Dr.  Should be out of his split 5-7 days.   wondering about weekend of 9-13
  • 9/5 - Discussed outbreak in our church & rethinking 9/13
  • Zach confirmed visit for weekend of Nov 7 & 8.

ROBERT CHAPMAN  Southern Baptist Seminary - 8/21/2020   [Hurst TX]   (12 hrs from Corsica SD)

  • 27 years old, married to Nikki, Son Owen will be 2 in Dec, expects to graduate from Criswell College Dec 2020
  • resume              cover letter
  • What let him to apply:
    • I mainly applied for the job based after praying and looking at the website. The Church seems to be very outward focused. It seems that the Church and members spend much effort on missions, evangelism, and other outreach ministries. I also enjoyed your statement of faith because it covered the basics while also leaving room for disagreement on less important doctrines. Ultimately, I applied because it seemed like a good fit. I believe the leadership structure, having other elders, would allow me to grow as a young minister while being able to learn from others. Finally, both my wife and I participated in AWANA growing up and greatly appreciate any Church that still does it. 
  • Personal testimony
  • Sample Sermons - preached within the last year
  • Responses to Ideal Pastor      (honest) 
  • 9/24 - sent email to ask if he'd consider visiting before graduation in Dec   - Answered 'Yes, he would'

MARK McCLINTICK   wife Tammy  - 9/7/2020   [Albian NE]    (2 hrs from Corsica) - 10/15 - Asked to be removed from consideration

JIM CRAYFORD   Oak Hills Bible Institue  - 7/31/2020   [Benson MN]  (5 hrs from Corsica)  

  • Graduated from Oak Hills in 1980
  • 3 grown boys (oldest is 40) and 5 grandkids

LONNIE CARPENTER  Scott received call   [somewhere in MN]

  • 62 years old
  • Previous pastor for Angie Heezen's mom (Assembly of God)

DEMER WEBB  Southern Baptist Seminary   3/5/2020   [Atlanta GA area]  


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