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Monday, December 31 2018

To keep things as simple as possible, I plan to update this post with information as it comes in.   This will keep us more organized & easier to find information to reference in future.  New items are bold.

The Pastor Search Committee created the CHURCH profile  and the IDEAL PASTOR profile


ZACH ENDER  Oak Hills Bible College.-  5/11/2020    [Sand Lake MN]   (8 hrs from Corsica SD)

  • Received email from Zach 5/11
    • I trust this email finds you well in these unusual times. I would like to know more about your church's pastoral search and overall situation if you could share. I will be happy to share more about myself, such as a resume, etc, and any list of questions you may have. I am a formally trained conservative, evangelical ordained pastor from an independent Bible church background. My wife and I have been serving at our current, very rural church in MN for about 10 years, my first official church. We have 4 children. Thank you for your time!
  • I replied with Church Profile, asked for resume, personal testimony, picture, what led him to apply & where he saw our posting.
  • His current church website:     Sand Lake Alliance Church
  • Sermon samples on YouTube
  • 5/14/2020 - What led him to apply....
    • I appreciated your biblical character emphasis in qualifications, and John 14:6 on your website is my favorite verse
    • Carefully read our statement of faith & agrees
  • 5/15/2020  Resume       Family Picture          Testimony
  • 5/19/2020 - Sent Ideal Pastor profile & additional questions
  • 5/27/2020 - sent check-up email
  • 6/7/2020 - response to our additional questions
  • 6/17/2020 - asked him to give us 3 possible date/times for a phone interview & references
  • 6/22/2020 - targeting July 6,7,8 for phone interview - need to get references yet
  • 7/1/2020 - Reference given to Allan.   July 8 - 8pm phone interview confirmed.  [search committee meet @ 7pm on 7/8]

BRIAN TYLER  Southern Baptist Theological Serminary Bible   6/26/20 [  MI] 

  • Married 37 years, he's 60; wife 58, raised 9 kids have 12 grandchildren
  • work at Oaklawn Hospital in MI right now  -  picture
  • trained in open air evangalism, family attended/graduated New Tribes Bible Institute, pastored church in OK for 1 yr, worked with CEF, written curriculum for children's church (sample Sunday School Plan 1  Sunday School Plan 2)
  • will get his & wife's testimonies soon - saved since 1988/1989
  • will record sermon 
  • 7-1- 20  email conversation
  • 7-2-20 - sent Church Profile, Ideal Pastor Profile & additional questions
  • 7-2-20   I have a couple of follow up questions for you that have been haunting me.  A few months ago, we had a really good candidate cross our path but we just could not afford to support him.  He had a large family (10 kids), some of which are just starting to leave the nest, and he also had a serious (expensive) health condition.   You've already explained your present family situation, so I can conclude that we should be able to find suitable housing for you (we do not have a parsonage).   That leaves the question about health conditions.  I hate to ask because I feel I'm being too nosey, but do you or your wife have any known health conditions that would make insurance coverage a financial concern for us?   Here is his reply:  Conversation about Kids & Compensation

KYLE D. RYAN  Southern Baptist Theological Serminary Bible   6/22/20   [Wheaton IL]    ( 10 hrs from Corsica SD )

  • Resume (includes picture of family - married to Darcy since 2018. daugher born Sep 2019)
  • Sermon Samples
  • Resume states he affirms Baptist Faith & Message 2000
  • What led him to apply:
    • A church that wants to be about discipleship, share the gospel of King Jesus, and holds to the truth of the bible is a church that any pastor longs to come and lead. My heart beats for making disciples. I want to point others to the bible and teaching them what it means to follow Jesus. 
  • Linked In Profile

SAM WHITTAKER  GOOGLE SEARCH   6/25/20 [Springfield OR]   

  • Letter of Introduction,    Resume,    Personal Statement of Faith,   Philosophy of Ministry,   References
  • Married 16 years (Rachel), 4 children:  Abigail (14), Gabriel (13), Miriam (9), and Gideon (8)
  • What led him to apply:
    • In part it had to do with the description of what kind of pastor you are looking for (Bible-believing, vision for the future, etc.) Preaching the Bible is centrally important to me as I believe it is only The Holy Spirit of God using the Holy Word of God that can produce the holy child of God when we engage with the Bible. Regarding the "vision for the future" part, that is also very important to me. I have put together comprehensive plans for churches in the past which have been met with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. If we're serious about being the church, that will mean we will need to think faithfully, but also future-ly (if that makes sense). What forms will our faithfulness to God and His word will be required of us in both the near and semi-far future? ALSO, the fact that the church is located in South Dakota is a potential attractant. I'll explain that more in my answer to the next question.
  • Why are you looking to make a change right now?
    • There are a few reasons we are considering a change at this time. One of the reasons is that we currently reside in the state of Oregon. There are decisions at the state-level that are worrying to both myself and my wife. Politically, our state tends to be quite liberal, which works its way out in public policies, and sometimes (as happened recently with an undermining of due process) these decisions seem to be made stealthily and unleashed on unwitting public. Conversely, I have more so appreciated the stance of the South Dakota governor regarding recent cultural developments (Covid 19, riots, treatment of historically significant monuments, etc). Additionally, we have ministered in our current setting  for approximately three years and in several ways we have not felt that we are always a good fit for our current church and wonder if we might not serve better elsewhere.
  • Sermon samples:
  • 7/3/2020 - Sam asked these questions.   I sent him Ideal Pastor profile & additional questions.
    • housing, average size of attendance, salary, fill-date (i answered these questions)
    • Is there a general theological bent more towards Calvinism or Arminianism? Or does it even matter?
      • I am a Calvinist, but I like to say I don't care much if you're not.
      • wasnt' sure how to answer this
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Regarding Charismatic gifts are you cessationist (gifts such as tongues and prophecy have ceased for the present age) or continuationist (gifts like tongues, prophecy, etc. continue in the present age).?
      • Personally, I am basically a cessationist.
      • wasnt' sure how to answer this ....  are we mixed  maybe?


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